Toys 4 Tots


Hello lovers of all ages and every pronoun and Happy Holidays!!!!

This time of year can be very stressful running around trying to buy gifts for family members (which may I remind you is a perfect excuse to stop by and see your favorite Lady!), or maybe you have to deal with uninvited guests or in-laws ,or trying to work a few extra hours to make a little extra Christmas money!

During these times it’s important that we don’t forget what the holidays are really about and that’s being thankful for everything that we have and giving back to those in need.

I truly believe that In order to keep what we have ,we must give it away

Giving back is something that I am very passionate about. I am lucky enough to have everything that I NEED everyday, I may not have everything I WANT but i certainly have all that I NEED.

Unfortunately there are so many children without a permanent family and for those that have a family their parents don’t have enough money to buy the things that they NEED, let alone afford the things that their children may WANT. That is why every year I try and do all that I can to help and partner with “Toys for Tots” and donate Toys to my local Marine coordinator and also drop off at the closest national store collector for “Toys for Tots”

So in the spirit of giving I am going to offer this ONCE a year DISCOUNT. From NOVEMBER 16TH – DECEMBER 23rd.But this discount does come with a small price and a feeling of doing something good for others in NEED!

In order to receive the discounts listed below you must bring at least 2 – 4 UNWRAPPED toys but you can give as many as you like . The toys that you purchase can and will remain anonymous and thery do not have to be very expensive, whatever extra you can afford. Just remember the joy you felt on Christmas unwrapping your toys and knowing that you were loved and cared for. Imagine giving that feeling to a child, even if its only for the day or a few minutes as they unwrap their gifts.

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE! I love you all xoxoxo


2 TOYS – $25 OFF