1. Once you have decided that you want to hang out and have some fun with me, Please browse through all the pages of my website and make your self familiar with my donations and etiquette as I will not discuss either of those. Fill out and COMPLETE my BOOKING form, if you are not ready to provide me with references please do not contact me. I WILL NOT see anyone without references and WILL NOT make ANY EXCEPTIONS. Send me a hello text or email letting me know you filled it out!

2. References are for MY OWN safety as well as yours, you already know alot about me through my website and a reference is a way for me to get to know YOU.

3. Any information that is gathered is only used to verify your legitimacy as a client. I only accept references in the form of:

A. ID #’s from Websites such as Preferred411, TER-The Erotic Review, BestGFE,Date-Check, Slixa and such as the like.
B. Other legitimate and well reviewed Companions.
C. Information regarding place of Employment,Personal website or Social Media which will be verified discreetly

4. Please do not use sexually explicit or suggestive phrases via text or over the phone.. Most questions that you have can be answered throughout the pages of reviews on my website and my reviews on TER, EroticMonkey and other review sites.

5. If there is something that has not been answered or that you are unsure about and think its something explicit or inappropriate to ask via text or over the phone contact me via the “BOOKING/CONTACT” Form on my website or thru a Personal Messaging system of an approved website that we are both registered members.

6. Please DO NOT TEXT me any LEWD or SUGGESTIVE messages as I am only interested in the company of “GENTLEMEN”.

7. Please have the Donation in an envelope or gift bag with the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” marked upon it, placed in plain view.

8. All donations will be arranged prior to our appointment and are NON-NEGOTIABLE..This is NOT “Let’s Make A Deal”- it’s “The Price is Right” They are not to be discussed and failure to do so will result in an immediate dismissal of a client.

9. All agendas will be arranged prior to our appointment and are NON-NEGOTIABLE..Asking “What are we going to do?”,”What can i get for…”.”Do you do this or that?”, ANY SEXUAL CONNOTATION or any FACSIMILE will result in immediate dismissal of a client.

10. HYGEINE is a MUST…Please be CLEAN and NEATLY TRIMMED, I take pride in my appearance and expect you to do the same. I provide a clean shower with plenty of smell good products and clean towels. You may use this option ANYTIME!!

11. Remember the GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..Treat me with respect and I will do the same.

12. Last, but MOST IMPORTANT…RELAX & HAVE FUN!! I am here to show you a good time and hopefully we can be friends for years and keep you Coming & Coming & Coming back!! =)